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If you’re here because you’ve felt like chucking your phone or computer across the room out of frustration with your engagement on social media…

Hear me when I say: I get it.

If you would have known that you’d be spending all this time crafting “pretty” and “on brand” posts with zero engagement in return, you would have NEVER hopped on this social media marketing train. Am I right?

Well, don’t give up yet! There are a few social media activities you can, and should, explore TODAY to make sure that your social media marketing actually brings you sales.

Enjoy, read to the bottom, and let us know what you think!


Whenever you accept a new friendship request or notice a new follower, take a moment to say hello to that person. If you greet him or her well, you can count on likes and comments. And as you remember, every interaction with your account raises your engagement and makes all your publications appear more often on the persons’ feed.

Here’s an example:

“Hi [NAME]!

Your profile really stood out! I especially love [MENTION SPECIFICS]

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I wanted to personally say thanks for following me here on [PLATFORM].

I see you’re in the [YOUR NICHE] world too, so if I can be of any help, send me a text or voice note any time.

I’m curious: what brought you to my page today?” 


Since we know that visibility is far more impactful than vanity metrics (likes and reactions), it’s important to focus as much as possible on curating content that people can relate to and actually want to share. Tagging other experts or brands in your posts is one example of sharable content. Many times those tagged will proudly re-share your content, exposing you to their audience, so make it good!

Here’s an example:

“Some products in my [BUSINESS / LIFE] just make things sooo much easier.

Here are 3 products that I use almost every day to make my [LIFE / BUSINESS] that much more efficient:

@[SOURCE] for [USE]
@[SOURCE] for [USE]
@[SOURCE] for [USE]

What’s a product that you love and use every day?”


One of the primary reasons people don’t typically interact with content is because they do not feel invited to. There is an undeniable difference between a potential customer being told to “comment below” on content that cannot connect with in the first place versus being asked “what do you think?” In your Stories, be sure to utilize Poll and Question Stickers as much as possible.

Here’s an example:

“There’s a that I use in my business that helps me [SAVE TIME/SAVE MONEY/FEEL BETTER]. I love it because__.

Would you want to see a quick demo? [YES / NO POLL STICKER]”

Then after the demo….

“Do you find demos like this helpful? Let me know! [YES / NO POLL STICKER]”

Be sure to follow up in the DMs.


Social media is inundated with new content constantly. There is a very real possibility that your followers do not buy from you simply because they don’t know all that you do or offer. Every so often, it is great practice to casual remind people what your business is all about and what they can come to you for.

Here’s an example:

“Hey! I want to introduce myself in case you’re new to my [SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM].


Now, I want to know, where have you struggled the most with [YOUR NICHE]?”

If you are speaking this on your Story, use the question sticker!


Do you dare forget this Rule of Engagement – it is called the CPR (Comment | Post | Reply) Method. You want to spend at least 5 minutes Commenting on others posts before you Post, then spend at least 5 minutes Replying for higher engagement on your content. Besides the logistics behind this rule, showing love to others by commenting and sharing their posts is simply a human way of interacting.

Whatever you say, make it meaningful and make it conversational. No examples needed!


In closing, I leave you with this reminder: People come to social platforms to have fun, not to shop. Meet your audience where their mind is and engage with everyone in that spirit. The sales will come.

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