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This blog post will be short and simple because every needs to know how straight forward these 5 actions really are.

Do you need to get new eyeballs on your profile? Do you need to generate leads quickly? Do you want new followers? Perfect, this is for you.

If you perform these consistently, knowing that you have a top-notch product or service of course, you are guaranteed more traction on your profile next week compared to last.

First things first – what are DMs?

DMs = Direct Messages (interchangeable with PM / Private Message)

DMs can be text, images, videos, voice messages, or group chats.

Now, here we go:


PRO TIP: Look on the explore page for ideas of accounts curated for you. Do any profiles look interesting? Begin engaging with their Stories and/or tagging them in yours (reasonably so).


PRO TIP: The algorithm LOVES two-way interactions. This is a sure fire way to make sure your posts are always visible in their feed.


PRO TIP: The fortune is in the follow-up! Any time a stand-out profile comments on your post, especially with a question, be sure to follow up with them. No sales talk. A simple “Thank you,”  “Hello,” or “Do you have any lingering questions” will go a long way!


PRO TIP: Don’t forget that you are not simply limited to sharing the links in your bio. Send relevant updates to your following that encourages them to click your link or check out more from you. This may be a link to your booking or sales page, a juicy blog post you wrote, or to your opt-in Freebie.


PRO TIP: If you want to do something that very few other business owner are doing, this is it. Doing this positions you as an industry leader and connector in your niche, automatically elevating the credibility of your business. Take the initiative and reap the rewards!

That all for now. Quick, clean, and simple.


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