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Oh Hey there, friend!

You know that here at Guerrilla Launch, we highly encourage every savvy business owner to take a human and organic approach to selling period, but especially so on social media, as a way to ensure maximum impact and maximum sales…

But I still see SO many people either a.) Just posting random content, or b.) Barely posting at all.

And if you’re a culprit of either of the above (raise your hands now), you are absolutely leaving money on the table.

I’ll explain why…

Social media and all its glorious features are designed to be used in the moment, giving glimpses into our lives: How we’re feeling, thinking, what we’re doing and seeing etc.

But for business it’s even more powerful.

Our audience gets to know us, learn from us, and see us as the expert = Know, Like & Trust. = SALES

“Ok Samiyah, I hear the know, like and trust stuff all the time but what does it actually mean???”

Here’s a quick run down.

KNOW – Your audience gets to know you, and you get to know your audience. Think: Brand awareness. You want people to know you exist, to know your offers because if they don’t know you exist, they won’t know they can buy…

  • Top tip for KNOW: Everyday post your daily schedule, yes, even if it contains some things that are not so glamorous. Most importantly, you want to tag people you have calls with or meetings with. The idea is that your audience sees that you have clients and your clients are likely going to re-post that story to their own stories which means BRAND EXPOSURE to their audience.


LIKE – If people like you, they’re more likely to buy from you over a competitor. That’s just how it is. Get to know your audience, build genuine connections with them through the DM, and let that seed grow.

  • Top tip for LIKE: Make sure you’re sharing 50/50 business and personal. Too much of either is damaging for your business.


TRUST – When you buy something, how often do you check the reviews? How often do you buy something based on recommendations from friends or family? We invest in something if we trust it. If we trust it will provide us the same results as it does for others.

  • Top tip for TRUST: Share social proof – this is any type of evidence that proves you are good at what you do and others have trusted you and you’ve helped them. It doesn’t have to be only paid clients – hell, it could be you showing off your own work – but any evidence that shows you are the ace in your business!!!


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